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It was the other day   that a loving niece of mine presented me the above book.  She knows that I have a streak of spiritualism (whatever this term may mean to anyone) and was kind and thoughtful enough to present me the above book.  She told me that this book was a best seller and that I would find it to be an interesting reading.  I  read the gleaming reviews of this book  and was quite impressed with the same.

I browsed through this volume, written by one Sh Amish ex IIM Calcutta. I am not a religious die-hard and now KNOW that the good Lord has made each individual differently in wisdom, delusion as also in foolishness.  I did read a few pages and compliment Mr. Amish in spinning a readable piece of   fiction.  This piece of fiction excites the external mind of the reader  and make it to clamor for more.  I am told this is the first part of a series to come in future.

Shiva and Kailash are interlinked since Kailash is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva.  Mansarovar and adjoining region is also connected to Kailash - and hence to Lord Shiva.  Sh Amish have been honest enough to state that his book on Lord Shiva is a piece of fiction.

First of all, let us try to know who is Shiva from the standpoint of Himalayan Siddha Yoga. Before we talk on this subject, we have to understand that the cosmos is full of so many dimensions.  As we cross the barriers between successive dimensions, the secrets hitherto hidden from the science (as we know of today) are revealed. When you go in to quantum physics, the journey to Nano particle has revealed many secrets.  As the science progresses from the Nano to the subtlest Nano (Nano of the Nano), many more secrets would be revealed in the coming centuries. A Himalayan Siddha Yogi, by his capacity to go in to hyperspace knows about these secrets by his own “real time experience”.  My revered teacher known to the world as Mahayogi Kapil Advait (Pilot Baba) is an adept of this art –having taken live Samadhi for over 100 times under full public gaze.  He has traversed the Kailash and Mansarovar regions barefoot many a times, having crossed over difficult snowy mountain passes –unknown to   most. The Himalayan region is a living entity and many a saints of the yore frequent and travel in this region in subtle and many times in physical forms.  The names like Shambhala, Gyanganj and Siddhashram are not mere fables, these are real places in fourth dimension and they have the power to   reduce their vibratory rate to appear in our world of three dimensions.  I would suggest Sh Amish to read a travelogue written on Kailash Mansarovar By Mahayogi Pilot Baba.  It is available in Kindle format at  It can also be purchased in PDF format through our web site  Reading this priceless volume will clarify some of the aspects and maybe, give the right direction   to the fertile imagination of the writer.

About 60 years ago, I had seen a movie – “The Lost Horizon”.  It was the story of a British diplomat who had been to   this fabled land.  This movie was probably based on the life of Dr Nikoli Roreich, who had traveled all across Himalayas and had walked from India to Russia via Tibet and Inner Mongolia.  

Coming back to Lord Shiva.
There is a trilogy that manifests the entire cosmos.  The trilogy is- Bramha (The creative Principle), Vishnu (the Sustaining Principle) and Shiva (The destructive principle).  This system  universally prevails in the entire cosmos. In three dimensional human body system, the Shakti ( female principle) resides in Muladhar Chakra( The lowermost Chakra) and Shiva ( The male principle) resides in Sahsrar chakra- the topmost chakra.  The human body is existing in many dimensions.   There is a very intricate system and science behind the human existence in the cosmos.  Mere language, as above, is so pitifully inadequate to describe the total phenomenon.  The truth can only be learnt and experienced  at the feet of a Realized master.

It is one thing to churn out a fiction and gain materially and quite another thing to move on the inner journey- to be one with Shiva on the path to self-realization. The former is related to the external mind whereas, for the later - you have to get   connected to the inner mind.

The Lord has made us free and whether we use this freedom for the good of the world or otherwise, is our own choice. We have the free choice to make good use of this incarnation or otherwise. One day this body will certainly fall and this incarnation  will come to a close. All those who remember this fact will be impelled to move on the evolutionary path.

Lord Shiva residing in Kailash does not care one way or the other. The author of the fiction is quite welcome   to his fiction. The Law of karma is supreme.

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